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Friday, September 9, 2011

Photos from St Jean to Pamplona and Sept. 5th - Zubiri to Pamplona

The Virgin de Biakorri (1095m)

An equestrian pilgrim leading her horse

Spanish and Basque names on the signs
Judith in the mist:  The Col Lepoeder is 1430m
 Tricia and Alan
Bell and Hemingway!
Brian and Syl

I walked most of the way with Bell and Alan. We seem to have the same pace. Tricia likes to spend as much time as possible on the trail so she is a bit slower, by choice. Brian marches ahead. We had breakfast before we left so didn't go into Larrasoana, the first village after Zubiri. Its also one of the few villages you don't walk through on the Camino. The path up from the picnic site before Trinidad de Arre was very dry and stoney. I had to get to Pamplona before the banks closed at 2pm so after having a lunch in Trinidad de Arre, Bell and Alan walked on and I got a bus the remaining 4.5km into Pamplona. I was able to do the banking and then arrived at Pension Sarasate - almost home from home now! After checking in we had dinner at Bar Dom Luis. Good day today.

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