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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Olives, grapes, figs, apples, quince, chestnuts, almonds, blackberries all the way

We have had fruit all the way so far.  The brambles are laden with black juicy berries.  The figs are turning purple on the branches.  Some of the pears are so large that we are not sure what type of pears they are.  Olives are hard and green, chestnuts drop their hedge-hog balls on the paths.  There are pecan nuts, walnuts and almonds.  The grapes are amazing, all the vineyards purple with tight bunches of ripe grapes.  In the sops we can buy rasberries, plums, greengages and nectarines.  It is harvest time in Spain.
Walking in spring is wonderful for the spectacular wild flowers, the cooler weather and the large European stork that one sees on their huge nests on top of towers, steeples and specially built poles. The wheat, barley and maize fields are rolling green seas: the brambles are in full bloom, the olives, pecans, almonds, apples, quince and figs along the way have tiny clusters of fruit just emerging.

In autumn, the cereals have been harvested and a beige stubble remains. The brambles offer juicy blackberries all along the way. Figs are ripe, the chestnuts, almonds and pecan nuts are bursting their shells on the branches. Ripe apples lie on the ground, plump quinces ripen on the trees. It is harvest time and although the wildflowers have wilted away nature is generous with their fruits.
There is something wonderful about both seasons.

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Getting ripe!! :-)