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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In great company

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Hi all

What a privilege and honour to be led on this walk by Sylvia Nilsen, author of Your Camino.
A huge congratulations to Syl for her book guiding Pilgrims to their journey!!

As we read her first review on Amazon yesterday, go and see for yourself, it truly echo´d who Sylvia Nilsen is in this arena. Syl is inspiring in every way. Many have published and tried, Syl, has gotten it right! Let her be your guide and inspiration to do your Camino your way.

Daily we are blown away not only by the path we´re on, but by Syl´s unbelievable knowledge of the routes, the history (wow! this route is steeped in history) the people and places - Syl truly is an unending font of knowledge and passion on all things Camino - the Camino Oracle. From our experience of google and the information we found online, it was nothing in comparison to what we have learnt on this trip from Sylvia.

We are reminded daily that this is our Camino, so at dinner, Syl informally briefs us on the day ahead, in order that we can take off on our own daily and walk our Camino our way - inevitably we stay close to the unending font of Camino knowledge and wisdom as Syl knows the better routes, the history so well and of course she is our Spanish interpreter too!

A woman of very many talents - she makes us laugh, she dances, she sings and she is a real good chef too! Syl, Bell, Judith what a great dinner - thank you :-)

Another gift is Syl´s graciousness - she is truly amazing - I doubt we would have had as many privileges along the way if we didn´t have Sylvia to smooth the way, be it the cheese woman at the market that practically through her cheese at you and had her hands in your wallet - hey Theresa! - lol

We would never have known there´s a Capetonian living on the Camino and get to have tea at his house en route.

With 3 days to go, we really wish it would never end and already we´re asking Syl about the next adventure. Japan, but maybe Portugal, Italy or wherever Syl might decide next - she´s got a fine following!!

Syl, thanks for your encouragement daily in reminding us this is our Camino and setting us up for a great adventure.

Syl, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Peregrinos - Jill, Theresa, Zuretha

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Anonymous said...

Theresa & Zuretha,
This sounds like the most amazing experience, so glad you are enjoying yourselves - love and miss you both, so looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing your stories first hand!
We are off to Houston on friday, so don't know when we will be able to comunicate again. Please enjoy the rest of your time away.
Lots of love
Margie, August & Renée