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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Part Two - amaWalkers on the move

The first section of the amaWalkers Camino ended in Logrono. Today we get a bus to Burgos where we will spend the night. Tomorrow we take a bus to Leon where 4 new amaWalkers will join us for the walk to Santiago. We will travel to Astorga and start walking to Rabanal and onwards to Villafranca del Bierzo.  Ultreia!!

After a few days walking in the cereal fields of Navarra and La Rioja it will be great to be back in the mountains. I've checked the weather forecast for that area and each day is between 12oC and the highs from 25oC to over 30oC. I have been carrying long trousers, tights, 2 fleece tops, scarf and Beanie thinking we might have colder weather in the mountains! We. Are hoping for cooler weather from Sarria to Santiago.


Anonymous said...

Sounds likeyou are having the weather the June amawalkers group hoped for!

Anonymous said...

Please say Hi to Zuretha & Theresa, with love from MOB's & Douglas in Las Vegas - we will be tracking your success!