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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The last leg

The Amawalkers are going strong with the last 89 kms's to go. Like Syl says that's just a Comrades and Bruce Fordyce would do it in 5.5 hrs - well that's a different perspective to the one us walkers are feeling.
Fortunately its been overcast yesterday and today which has helped tremendously.
I was very grateful for the Vilacha seafood feast today, made it feel a bit like Sunday... definitely missed my St A's family today. Mom the lamb and veggies that accompanied our seafood dinner almost did make up for your Sunday roast I so missed earlier.

Tonight in Casanova was second best to the spontaneous street party a few nights back at Rabanel with Habier the sweet barman.
Tomorrow will be tough...

Its been great thus far, the accommodation has been real good and we re in the Camino rhythm of walking for 5-7 hrs, washing, washing clothes, dinner and sleep sometimes before dark.

My best morning was today... The start before dawn.

Family and friends miss u much. This is very good and also very different to what I expected - thanks to Syl, its a real 5 star experience steeped in history and a wonderful adventure.

Blessings and love

1 comment:

Michele said...


Loving the updates - sterkte for the last stretch, my friend.

Can't wait for our catch-up when you get back. I'll be thinking of you in the meantime.

Tons of love,

Michele xx