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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello from Morgade

Great to hear from u having a great time only did eleven km today so lots of time for vino - bus trip to o Cebreiro - beautiful views: z had some feet problems but hopefully sorted if we win the lotto we get syl to take us all along miss u guys lov t z

Our hired bus callected us from Casa Mendez at 8:30am to take us to O Cebreiro. As we ascended the hill we drove into thick mist which completely shrouded the top of the Cebreiro mountain. We visited the church where Don Elias Valina Sampedro is buried, took photographs of the Hobbit-like Celtic pollozas and had a hot drink at the taberna. Before we left the mist cleared and on one side we could see surrounding farms and rolling hills but on the other it seemed that we were above the clouds and we were looking at a white sea with islands (mountain tops) protruding through. Magical sight.
Our bus took us to Sarria and we walked 11km from there, through the gentle Galician countryside to a stone house on the side of a narrow country road called Casa Morgade where we spent the night. The views from our upstairs windows were of cows in the pastures and surrounding woods of chestnuts and oaks. It is much cooler in Galicia and most of us wore fleece tops or jackets to dinner. Tomorrow we walk 19km to Gonzar where our bus will fetch us at 2pm to take us to Casanova which is another 25km away. On Monday morning it will take us back to Gonzar so that we can walk to Casanova. It'll be nice to spend two nights in one place for a change.

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