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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Since we've been in Spain I've only managed to post from one Internet Cafe which we found in Logrono. Hotels, Pensions, Hostals and even albegues now all offer WiFi (wee-fee in Spanish). Wifi is great if you have a laptop or notebook with you but for those with no computer devices it has become very difficult to find Internet facilities. I was hoping that our amaWalkers would all contribute to the blog but so far nobody has been able to find an internet to send their posts.

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Anonymous said...

I wrote about this too when we walked in June. Looks like part of your pilgrim baggage now needs to include a laptoop or notebook or at least a blackberry that can do internet stuff. What a pain! .... I remember spending lots of free time looking for internet cafe type places to post messages onto our blog in June ... but it WAS worth it for people back home. Its so good to read about what you are doing and where byou are at any given time. We can then journey with tyou vicariously. Go well on the last part of your journey